Project 3 – The Cinema Dress

The end of last week’s project marathon was this Cinema Dress which I whipped up from this Liesl + Co pattern to wear to our Anzac Day Dawn Service (which, side-note: isn’t so enjoyable with 4 kids under 6). The week before, my favourite fabric store here had a 40% off sale on EVERYTHING, which meant that stash-busting had to go on hold for a little bit while I casually picked up a couple of amazing Art Gallery Fabrics which I’ve been eyeing off ever since they arrived.

Sewing kids clothes is pretty easy as kids don’t have weird shaped bodies, but adult stuff? It scares the heck out of me. I’ve really been putting it off. But I did vow to sew for myself more and this was my chance. I bought the fabric on Sunday, so while I was waiting for it to arrive conveniently to my door, I whipped up a muslin out of an old bedsheet that ripped. Firstly, let me say a few words about the pattern. Liesl Gibson is the mastermind behind Liesl + Co, which makes adult patterns, and also behind Oliver + S, which makes children’s patterns. I’ve made quite a few Oliver + S patterns and I really love them. I find the instructions are really clear, the pictures are good, and the finish is pretty awesome. I will say that I find the sizing to be generous with the kids patterns, so I was a bit apprehensive about sewing adult clothes. Plus, you know, boobs. They’re tricky things to accommodate!

Anyway, I measured myself and made a size 4 muslin accordingly. When I tried it on, it seemed a little tight (I was actually being silly – I tried it over my shirt. I don’t know why I did that. Ridiculous, that’s why), so I made the real one in a size 6. I didn’t take photos of the construction because a) I was time pressed and absent-minded, and b) the instructions are so clear that there was no point taking photos of me following instructions. Plus, I smashed the whole thing out in 2 days, so…you know, more sewing, less snapping. The only thing I modified was the sleeve length, which I made shorter, and the overall length, which I shortened by 5cm. I’m very happy with the final fit; for this particular event, I didn’t want anything that was too fitted, but next time I will make the next size down. In fact, it won’t be project number 4 as that one is already underway, but it might be project number 5. I’m pretty in love with the fabric I plan to use so I don’t think I’ll be able to wait very long to make it.

So, without any further ado, here’s the dress in action. I forgot to get photos at the service so instead I made my husband take photos while we did the Skybridge at the Petronas Towers, which by the way, is pretty high up.

Cinema 1a.jpg

Standby for project number 4. I’ll give you a hint: unicorns.


4 thoughts on “Project 3 – The Cinema Dress

    1. Thanks emmanadhermachine! My stash really needs to be contained but sometimes I just can’t help myself. And AGF are so nice and soft, and easy to sew with. This is a real problem for me!


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