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Project 17 – Monster Wallets

After the epic effort of sewing for a fussy tween, school  holidays, and endless festivities, I opted for a small project off my to-do list: monster wallets for my boys. We often go to “car boot sales” with the kids to support my husband’s work, and we usually give the kids a little bit of money to spend each. It’s small and inconsequential to us, of course, and they always buy awful mangy soft toys, but it does teach them about the finite value of  money, budgeting, and here, they also learn haggling. The other thing that prompted me to make wallets was that during Raya, the month-long celebration at the end of Ramadan, kids are often given small pouches with a little money in it, called “duit Raya”. This way, they would have somewhere to collect their stash.

I self-drafted this pattern by making two large rectangles 19cm x 11cm (one in the main fabric and one in the lining), and (all other pieces are from lining fabric) 2 more rectangles 19cm x 10cm. I sewed these together on one long edge, turned and pressed so wrong sides were together.I used a 5mm seam allowance for all of the sewing on this project. Next, I cut 3 rectangles 8cm x 9.5cm. I folded these in half so they measured 9.5cm x 4cm and ironed in place, then finished the raw edges. I placed the first of these on the large rectangles that were sewn together, 1cm from the top and aligning the left sides. I sewed around the sides and bottom, then layered the next piece 1.5cm down from the top of the last, keeping the left sides aligned, and again sewed around the sides and bottom. Finally, the last piece is sewn over the others so the left side and bottom align with the large rectangle, and sides and bottom are sewn. This created the “card” pockets.


The card pouches


Now, I made the coin pouch. I cut two crescents about 9cm wide, and 4cm tall at the highest point. On one crescent, I sewed a small strip of velcro which will serve as the closure for the coin pouch. On the other crescent, I sewed crazy eyes. I cut a string of “teeth” from felt, sandwiched it between the two crescents, and sewed around the edges, leaving a gap to turn, then turned and pressed. For the pocket itself, I cut a rectangle 9.5cm x 9cm. I folded the top down by 5mm, then another 1cm and stitched down. I finished the raw edges, folded them under by 5mm, then pressed. I sewed a small Velcro strip (opposite side to the piece on the pouch flap) to the centre of the pocket along the top edge. Now, I positioned the pocket so it was 7mm up from the bottom, overlapping the card pouches, and stitched around the edges, leaving the top edge open. Next I placed the pouch flap along the top edge of the base rectangle above the pocket, so the Velcro aligns, and stitched it down. Next, I put this large rectangle on top of the single lining rectangle left (the largest rectangle), aligning it at the bottom and sides, and sewed around these three sides.


Hungry monster coin pouch flaps


To make the face on the front, I started by cutting out face pieces from felt. You can use whatever shapes you want, but remember, you’ll need to leave space for the clasp strap, and also that your face will need to fit entirely on the right half of your outer piece. I cut two pieces from outer fabric that measured 6cm x 3cm. I sewed around 3 sides, leaving a short side open, then turned out the right way. I used corduroy for my outer and in hindsight I could have used something a little lighter in weight, and also something less textured (turning small corduroy pieces is horrible. Now I pinned this to the outer fabric, on the left side, halfway down, and placed my lining on top, with all the pockets touching right side to with the outer fabric. I sewed around the outside leaving a gap of about 8cm to turn, trimmed the corners, turned and stitched up the gap. and they were finished!


I left the teeth free, mostly, to add some texture and personality


My boys loved these, but honestly, they were so fiddly, I couldn’t wait for them to be finished so I could do something fun again. Now their plentiful duit Raya has a safe home, guarded by hungry money monsters!


Finished insides. They’re a bit bulky but the kids don’t mind. They have a slot for notes, a pouch for coins, and card pockets. What more could any little boy (or girl) want?




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