Project 18 – Belle Skirt and Pettiskirt

For about 5 months now, I’ve had this idea in my mind about a skirt I’d like to make for Little Miss, honouring the new Beauty and the Beast. To my total joy, she adores the new movie. Any time she is upset, she wants to watch the first big song of the movie, and she will happily sing along to all of the songs. After the strain of the monster wallets, this was the sort of pick-me-up that I needed for my sewjo. So my vision for this was a yellow skirt, that ties up on one side, to reveal a pettiskirt underneath with Mrs Potts and Chip (original movie, not 2017 version) peeping out.

I bought a plain yellow cotton ages ago when I first conceived this idea. I used the Violette Field Threads Scarlett Skirt pattern for this project. This is a beautiful little pattern with a couple of different options for outer skirt and pettiskirt. For this skirt, I made the pleated outer skirt with tie up option. I want Little Miss to be able to get a lot of wear out of it, so I made the size 3 skirt with a size 4 waistband, but I used the elastic for size 3. Little Miss has a big tummy, and I often find the VFT sizes on the small side, but this way she has plenty of room to grow. And when the skirt is too tight, I can simply replace the elastic with a longer piece! So, I assembled this and then got on with the more challenging component, the pettiskirt.


The outer skirt, untied


Little Miss couldn’t wait for her pettiskirt to be finished. It’s a bit risqué but still so cute!



For the pettiskirt, I used the width measurements for the ruffled skirt. This is not as full as the “full pettiskirt”, and since I wanted Mrs Potts and Chip to be peeping out, I didn’t want too much fabric to get in the way. Once the skirt was constructed, I layered it underneath the yellow skirt, to see where Mrs Potts needed to be positioned to let her show. Now, using a picture I found on the internet, I traced and cut interfacing and fabric for the pieces of Mrs Potts and Chip. Then, slowly, I pieced them together, first attaching each piece to the skirt with a small zigzag stitch, then, once all the pieces were in place, by using my free-motion foot to sew around the outlines and add details, such as the eyes. This whole process probably took me about 5 hours, but thankfully it was much more enjoyable than the hours spent on the monster wallets.


I had to space Mrs Potts and Chip fairly far apart but when the skirt is on, they look close together


Little Miss absolutely loves her new skirts, and so do I!


Who needs a shirt when you have 2 skirts?



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