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Project 22 – Fur Vest

Today’s post is a pretty short post, because the project was a very quick one! A couple of weeks ago, my machine started making a horrible clunking sound, so I had to postpone all of my sewing until I could get it to a service centre (there is only one in this country). It was a terribly trying two week wait, but I used the time to pre-cut a bunch of stuff to sew, and thus cutting out the most dreaded part of any project.

Now that we know we need to prepare for winter next year, because, you know, winter is coming, I’ve been trying to motivate myself for some cold weather clothes. Since I’m still avoiding stretch fabrics, it’s a bit tricky. But, there’s been this fabulous hack floating around for a fur vest, and as I happen to have a large amount of faux fur hanging around, I thought Little Miss might enjoy this.

To make this, I pretty much followed the directions by Horris and Deedle, which you can find here, and used the Gypsy Shrug pattern by Tadah Patterns.

I personally hate working with faux fur. I find it easy enough, and I quite like the finish this cheapo one gave… but ugh… the fur went everywhere. I used some of the leftover fabric from Little Miss’ Gisele Kimono, because I thought it was a lovely subtle colour to go with everything. The only thing I did differently from the tutorial, was to add bias ties, although if I’m honest, they weren’t cut on the bias, merely folded like bias tape. I made a size 3, to fit her for next winter, and I cut the ties about 23cm long, losing about a centimetre at either end with the hemming and seams.



This took me less than an hour to whip up, even with a multitude of children popping in for celebrity visits. After more than 2 years without winter, and as a lover of summer, I’m actually a little bit excited about winter coming next year!



I can’t wait to see her wear this over cute little dresses and tops



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