About Me

Hello! Thanks for stopping by. I’m Charlotte and this is my blog about my 52 week sewing project to use up my scraps, and keep me motivated to keep creating things. I have a husband, who I very rarely sew for, and four gorgeous children, who I sew for a lot.¬†Our 3 boys are 5, 4, and 3 and our little girl is 1. We are Australia, but we’re currently living in small-town Malaysia, which we love. Our kids go to the local school and my husband works with all Malaysians; there are very few expats in our town.

I especially enjoy sewing clothing for my children, but (very) recently have branched out and actually sewn myself a few things. It isn’t always easy to get the supplies I like here, but I have an out-of-control stash, so hopefully this little project – or rather, 52 projects – will help me bust my stash before we have to move home.

Feel free to drop me a line if there’s anything you’d like to see more of or more you’d like to know. I’m hoping to use this next year to really expand my sewing skills and try a bunch of new things. Maybe we can learn together!